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Seattle Security Guard Services

Seattle Security Guard Service companies supply guards that have already been trained, passed a background check, and an employee of the Service. This type of services is a great way to go to get the protection you need for your business or organization. These guards are ready to when you need them. Simply call the […]

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Security Guard Duties

A guards duties may change slightly depending on whether they are stationary or a mobile patrol. Guards can become very familiar with a the environment they are used to and can provide a higher level of security by knowing what activities usually occur and at what times. This gives the guard the ability to offer […]


Seattle Security Guard – A Service For Piece of Mind

If you are looking for a security guard in Seattle WA there are certain things you should know to make the right choice for your organization. Professional security services are the first line of protection for your organization. Security services are only as good as the people that work for them. So proper training and […]

Man as security guard giving alarm with his radio set

What to Consider When Hiring A Security Company In Seattle

Three things to consider when hiring security guards. 1) What needs to be protected? Do the guards have training or experience protecting the type of thing you need protected? 2) What level of protection is needed? Do you need someone to walk personell out to there vehicals or be on site at all times or […]

Rear view of security guard with flashlight in building corridor

Executive Protection in Seattle – What you should know

If you need executive protection in Seattle it is important to know what you need to be looking for. Do you need a guard to escort your personnel to their car at night or do you need someone on site watching over your people at all times? Either way executive protection in the Seattle area […]

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Executive Protection Seattle Questions You Need To Know

Do you have staff that need a guard there watching over them. Unfortunately many times in the Seattle area there are specific needs for executive protection. When you just need to provide that security to your staff for a walk to their car or checking in on your different store location in a mobile patrol. […]


How To Choose A Security Service

How to choose a security service: * Do they provide a no cost no obligation consultation? * What kind of training have the guards had? * Ask about hours of operation and during what hours can you contact your security firm to get help. * Ask about how the guards are supervised and how they […]