How To Choose A Security Service

How to choose a security service:

* Do they provide a no cost no obligation consultation?

* What kind of training have the guards had?

* Ask about hours of operation and during what hours can you contact your security firm to get help.

* Ask about how the guards are supervised and how they check in with central command.

* Do they do the type of work that you need? If you have a job site you want monitored do they do that specific type of work?

Other factors to consider are how they pay attention to the budget you have available and create a plan that fits your needs. Do they have a good reputation in the industry. Have they got references. Do they have a presence in the industry that shows they are on top of the latest news and information for the Seattle WA and surrounding areas. If you are in Seattle of course. Some indications of this might be a new website or press releases that they have put out with news information on security in the area.

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