Close-up of a security guard listening to his earpiece. Back of jacket showing.
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Security Guard Duties

A guards duties may change slightly depending on whether they are stationary or a mobile patrol. Guards can become very familiar with a the environment they are used to and can provide a higher level of security by knowing what activities usually occur and at what times. This gives the guard the ability to offer better overall support and better judgement of situations that occur.

All Seattle security guard personnel must show common sense in a protection environment. They will need to follow directions from supervisors and comply with the guidelines provided for the job they are on. Security officers on duty in a Seattle WA business should have a professional appearance along with an attitude that is top notch. They also need to display some leadership qualities and be able to direct or control access points to a location or provide direction in the event of an emergency.

Stationary guards generally work at the same post each day and monitor those entering and leaving a facility while mobile guards may patrol an area on foot such a shopping area or they may patrol in a vehicle such as for patrolling a Seattle area neighborhood. Seattle security officers and guards observe and report in a variety of situation that can exist in the Seattle area. Recent events have shown the need for proper training and an increase in security for many Seattle WA businesses.

Office buildings, medical facilities, events, and shopping areas are just some of the areas that guards may be need in the areas surrounding Seattle.

In contrast, guards assigned to mobile patrol Mobile Seattle security guards can go from one location to the other in Seattle and surrounding areas to check up on various job sites or business location throughout the day and night.

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